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ounded in 1945 by Richard Frye, the primary focus of Neo Products Corporation has been the manufacturing of unicouplings and cable assemblies for the home laundry industry. Since the beginning, Neo Products has used high quality and low prices to gain market share. Thanks to our constant attention to customer needs and changing technology, we have grown steadily and significantly throughout the years--from a handful of employees to more than 70 dedicated employees today.

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At Neo Products, we have a strong commitment to quality. Our goal is simple: "To provide our customers the highest quality products while maintaining value and service consistent with their expectations."

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Brass hose coupling

Our primary focus is on large volume metal stampings and assemblies. Our high quality steel and brass hose couplings are used in a variety of applications, including:
  • Inlet Hoses for the home laundry industry
  • Icemaker adapters for refrigeration units
Today, Neo Products is the leading manufacturer of home laundry unicouplings for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) market.

Punch presses are used to
produce hose couplings

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Oven latches

In April 1998, we launched our newest product line--safety latches for self-cleaning ovens. Because self-cleaning oven cycles can reach temperatures in excess of 800, appliance manufacturers needed a very consistent, durable, and reliable oven latch. We use Nitinal Shape Memory Alloy in an innovative approach to creating "safe" oven latches.

Also known as "Memory Metal" and "Muscle Wire," this combination of nickel and titanium actually learns and remembers a shape. Once the metal has been annealed (a process of shaping the metal and subjecting it to high heat), the metal can be stretched and deformed but will always return to it's annealed shape when heated.

When heated, our oven latches remember their locked position, thus preventing an oven door from being opened during a self-cleaning cycle.

This patented, UL recognized mechanism is one of several that have been availible to the appliance market.

In addition, we are currently producing several motorized versions of safety latches for self cleaning ovens

While primarily an automated
process, the final assembly steps
are by hand

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