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Product Design

Neo Products engineering capabilities include electro-mechanical product design.  We can create a black box solution, working with your specifications to create unique subassemblies for new products.  By working with your design team from prototype through pilot to production, we can accelerate your time to market.  On existing products, our ability to redesign can lower your installed cost.

Assembly Automation

Over production ranges from a few thousand assemblies, up to millions, we can develop the appropriate technology to build your products.  We design and build proprietary assembly machinery for both automated and semi-automated processes.  This allows us to create maximum value added for minimum cost.  State of the art, computer controlled pick and place machines produce a consistent result, giving you higher quality.

Stamping Capability

Neo Products started out as a contract stamper in 1945, and metal forming is still at the heart of what we produce.  We work with deep-draw, progressive, and compound die tooling, with press capacity up to 70 tons.  We also build unique metal forming machinery for high volume applications.


Quality Control

At Neo Products Corporation, we follow a Six Sigma philosophy that drives continuous improvement in all of our processes.  As a Tier I supplier to General Electric, Maytag and Whirlpool, our quality system is ISO 9000 compliant.  Dimensional accuracy is assured through the use of our vision system. In house testing to both customer and UL specifications is available.

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